IPEC Cohort

Interested in joining our 2024/25 Cohort?

Rikesh Shah
Head of Innovation Procurement Empowerment Centre (IPEC)

If you have any questions ahead of submitting your application to join the cohort, please send them to

Get help along your innovation procurement journey

We will help you raise you and your colleagues’ confidence and abilities while being by your side throughout one of your live end-to-end procurement processes. So if you have a desire to procure innovation, resources or sponsorship to speed up a culture shift in your council, and have a buying budget to address an innovation challenge – then we would like to hear from you!

The IPEC Cohort is designed for transformational change

We welcome a range of professionals from each council to participate – such as: procurement, legal, finance, service managers, transformation, innovation, data and digital, or research and insights. Including other challenge specific specialists, for example net zero officers. As feedback suggests that a mix is essential to achieve strategic change that lasts. Therefore, we welcome groups of approximately 3-6 people from each council made up of these professions which we will work in partnership with.

Content and delivery styles that provide what’s missing

We have heard time and again how councils require more than just technical procurement training. There are a range of factors which block innovative solutions that don’t get addressed. So we have included many of these in our package of fully-funded support. Such as: improving stakeholder relations, better SME engagement approaches, ways to overcome organisational and strategic problems, how to discover and shape challenges, attracting innovation, trial support, and risk management techniques. All of which have specifically been designed for Local Authorities looking to procure innovation.

Signal your interest and share potential challenges that you require innovation for in the 2024/25 financial year
Get to know whether the Cohort is right for you through a 1:1 call, and a half day taster experience which gives you an idea of what the support will include
Participate in a Cohort of 2 to 5 Local Authorities where we support you through your procurement process for an innovative good or service

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