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The Innovation Procurement Empowerment Centre is an innovation-friendly approach to public sector buying has the power to deliver better user experiences and spark economic growth.

Frequently asked questions

IPEC, or the Innovation Procurement Empowerment Centre, is a specialised initiative focused on creating new value by bringing in innovative solutions through procurement. Our aim is to empower councils and local authorities to embrace innovative procurement practices, driving positive regional and national strategic outcomes by doing things better, cheaper, faster, greener and safer for public authorities through market innovation.

IPEC offers structured Cohort Programs that provide comprehensive support to public authorities seeking to implement innovative procurement strategies. These programs cover end-to-end processes, from problem definition to market engagement, shaping trials, and evaluation. IPEC is open to different specialisms from procurement, finance, strategy, innovation, digital, sponsorship or senior executives. IPEC is open to all irrespective of your role or grade.

One of our primary focuses is on cultural shift within public procurement. We advocate for a move from risk aversion to innovation drive. Through mission-led support, research, and community building, we work towards fostering a mindset that perceives procurement as a dynamic force for positive change.

Yes, IPEC welcomes the participation of councils and local authorities interested in innovative procurement practices. Our programs are designed to cater to a diverse range of public authorities, and we encourage organizations to apply to join our cohorts.

IPEC addresses challenges aligned with strategic innovation agendas. For instance, challenges related to net zero transition, sustainability, regional growth, and other mission-driven objectives. Our mission-led approach ensures that procurement practices align with broader strategic goals.

IPEC actively engages in original research, evaluation, and thought leadership initiatives. By advancing the understanding of innovation-friendly procurement practices, we contribute to building a robust evidence base and driving positive change in public procurement culture and practices.

On IPEC’s LinkedIn and webpages, we encourage the community to share best case-studies, challenges and ideas to support each other.

Individuals and organisations can get involved by applying to participate in our Cohort Programs. Additionally, they can engage with our community through our digital platform, events, and publications. We also welcome collaboration and partnerships with stakeholders who share our mission. Join our LinkedIn group to get the latest information on how you can get involved with IPEC: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12865144/

IPEC provides comprehensive support to participants in its Cohort Programs, and there is no direct cost for councils and local authorities to join. We aim to eliminate financial barriers and make innovative procurement practices accessible to a wide range of public authorities.

Stay updated by visiting our website regularly, where we share news, publications, and program updates. Follow us on social media platforms such as LinkedIn for real-time updates and engaging content and sign up to our mailing list: http://www.ipec.org.uk/stay-informed/

While our primary focus is on the Cohort Programs, IPEC is open to exploring collaborations and providing support to organisations with aligned goals. For specific inquiries or partnership opportunities, please contact us directly: contact@ipec.org.uk.


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