Sam Markey

Sam Markey has pioneered Connected Places Catapult’s work on innovation procurement since 2019, leading to the creation of the IPEC in 2022. With a background in local (London Borough of Barnet) and central government (UK Cabinet Office), Sam now serves as Executive Chair of IPEC, alongside his wider role as Ecosystem Director for Place Leadership at Connected Places.

Rikesh Shah

Rikesh Shah is an innovation expert, guest lecturer at the Royal College of Arts and Harvard University, non-executive advisor at Cities Today, London Transport Museum and See.Sense who joined CPC in October 2023 to Head of IPEC.

Ian Brotherston

Dr Ian Brotherston is Head of Government Levers at Innovate UK. Ian oversees the implementation of Innovate UK’s ‘Government Levers’ strategy, focusing on procurement’s role in driving innovation, managing the SBRI Programme, and addressing the impact of regulation, standards, and NQI on innovation. Ian has a diverse background, with experience in academia, industry, and the defense sector, including roles as Head of Enterprise at Heriot-Watt University and Director of Science and Technology at a startup.

Karen Woolley

Karen, Development Manager at the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) for Staffordshire and the West Midlands, brings a wealth of experience from her 40-year career. Starting as a Lloyds broker managing high-risk portfolios, she later shifted to practicing commercial property law. Over the last 18 years, Karen has built influential relationships with decision-makers, MPs, and media outlets. Her expertise lies in business continuity, collaboration with law enforcement on business crime, cybercrime, and online fraud. She also advocates for small business participation in major infrastructure projects.

Rebecca Riley

Rebecca is the Interim Co-Director of City-REDI, a global research institute aiming to enhance understanding of cities and regions for effective policy development. With a focus on fostering collaboration and partnerships to enhance decision-making, she spearheads the LPIPHub project.

Rebecca Rees

Rebecca is a partner and Head of Public Procurement at the Trowers & Hamlins. Rebecca is a national expert in public procurement law, advising clients in various sectors and holding a prominent position in legal rankings. Additionally, she is a visiting Fellow at the Centre of Construction Law at King’s College London and pursuing a PhD in public procurement at the University of Nottingham.